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  • JIMC inaugurated the Freshers’ Orientation Program for J-30

JIMC inaugurated the Freshers’ Orientation Program for J-30

Virtual Fresher’s orientation program of the first-year students of J-30 (MBBS 2020-2021 session) of Jahurul Islam Medical College has been held on Monday, August 2, 2021, in the Jahurul Islam Medical College auditorium. The program started with the Holy Quran recitation under Prof. Dr Syed Mahmudul Aziz, Principal of Jahurul Islam Medical College. Prof. Dr Baharuddin Bhuiyan, Director of Jahurul Islam Medical College Hospital, was present as the Chief Guest & Operative Director Mr Shamsur Rahman Chowdhury was also present as a special guest. 

Prof. Dr Saeed Hasan, Vice-Principal of the College, and all the other faculty members were also present. Principal Prof. Syed Mahmudul Aziz, welcoming the newcomers, said that Jahurul Islam Medical College is now a well-established medical college in Bangladesh. He also added that since the Corona situation is not under control now, all the classes should be taken online, and students should be regular in their studies from the beginning. Chief guest, Prof. Baharuddin Bhuiyan, said that the new students should move forward, keeping their morale upright  & focus on studies & discipline.