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Blood drives life, and blood is a constantly circulating fluid providing the body with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal. Blood Bank of Jahurul Islam Medical College Hospital provides various services like collection, screening, typing, processing, and storing whole blood, packed red blood cells, gathered as a result of blood donation, preserved for patient use in this hospital. The fully equipped Blood bank is expert in handling & supporting the hospital with its robust transfusion programme. Provision of Blood transfusion service is a vital part of the modern health care system without which efficient medical care is impossible. Compulsory safety measures are taken for both the donors and the recipients, including performing mandatory screening tests for infectious diseases. The blood bank is located on the first floor Block -B of this hospital aims to provide blood & blood products that are safe & adequate to meet the patients’ needs. Our goal is to overcome the scarcity of blood & ensure the availability of safe blood components round the clock & motivate regular voluntary donors.

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