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Tuberculosis is a completely curable disease through short-course chemotherapy. Tuberculosis control strategy DOTS (directly observed treatment, short-course), also known as TB-DOTS, is recommended by the World Health Organization.  According to WHO, “The most cost-effective way to stop the spread of TB in communities with a high incidence is by curing it. The best curative method for TB is known as DOTS.”

DOTS has five main components:

  • Reliable microscopic diagnosis.
  • Direct observation of treatment.
  • Uninterrupted drug policy.
  • Recording and reporting patients progress.
  • Government’s commitment (political commitment).

Bangladesh adopted the WHO-recommended DOTS strategy in 1993. DOTS was expended at all Upazillas of Bangladesh by 1998 &  also expanded to Dhaka Metropolitan city in 2002. DOTS Corner was established in Jahurul Islam Medical College Hospital in 2005 to provide the services for diagnosis & treatment of TB patients as to….

  1. Collection of the sputum of the suspected TB patients 
  2. Provide the treatment of diagnosed TB patients.
  3. DOTs Corner tests sputum in Genexpert Machine.
  4. DOTs Corner also tests and treat leprosy and do all the activities free of cost.

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