Healthcare in JIMCH has

1. Greater flexibility: Employers are not restricted to an off-the-shelf product or constrained by terms imposed by an insurer.

2. Plan of healthcare spends: This allows for better long term planning and future planning of healthcare spending.

3. Superior service with nursing supervisors: Employs nursing supervisors for their medical expertise is to ensure that the correct care pathway is followed and medical costs are correctly managed.

4. Fully integrated healthcare provision: Ensure fully integrated healthcare provision and the most effective use of an employer’s overall healthcare budget.

5. Lower costs: No unnecessary or exaggerated treatment costs. If required, it is also possible, where appropriate, to navigate cases for certain treatments leading to further cost savings.

Where Health Care Is A Trust

Committed to Build A Positive, Safe, Patient Focused Culture

Jahurul Islam Medical College Hospital is home to some of the most eminent doctors, most of whom are forerunners in their respective areas and are renowned for being excellent in their discipline & patient care as well as for theirs…

        • Compassion
        • Understanding
        • Good communication
        • Empathy
        • Honesty
        • Commitment
        • Humanity

“Physicians of JIMCH are friendly, great listeners, and sympathetic to the concerns of their patients.